Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started

  • How can i register with FXTODAY?

    Follow this link

    Enter your information. Click ‘Send OTP’ to receive the access code by Email. Enter the OTP in the relevant field. Click ‘Register Now.’

  • Where can I find my FXTODAY login details?

    In the email you received shortly after your registration. If you didn’t receive this email, please use the password reset service.

  • How can I reset my FXTODAY password?

    Follow this link

    1. Enter your FXTODAY email ID
    2. Click "Send password"
    3. Check your mail, you will receive password in email

  • How can I change MyFXTODAY password?

    You can change your password in 3 simple steps
    1. Login to your FXTODAY account
    2. Click "Settings / Profile / Change password"
    3. Enter your current password after enter your new password then click change password

  • How do I become a FXTODAY verified client?

    Once you become a verified client, you will have access to all of FXTODAY’s products and services. Verify your profile by uploading clear colour copies (mobile photo or a scan) of the following documents:

    1. Proof of identity – passport, national identity card or driving license if your identification document also states your correct residential address, then an additional proof of address document may not be required.

    2. Proof of address – bank/card statement or utility bill, issued no longer than 6 months ago. Examples of documents which can be provided are:

    Water/gas/electric/internet/telephone bill. Residency certificate.

    3. Upload the above documents in "Settings / Profile / Documents"

Deposits and Withdrawals


  • What instruments are available?

    We offer access to a wide range of asset classes including Forex, Cryptocurrency, Global Stocks CFDs , Commodities etc.

  • What trading platforms are available?

    World class Trading Platforms

    1. FXTODAY's super-fast flagship trading platform with elegant UI, streaming market data, advanced charts

    2. Trade from Python, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Trading view using our free API


  • What is FXTODAY Invest?

    FXTODAY Invest is our innovative copy-trading program. It was developed by FXTODAY’s Research & Development Team. FXTODAY Invest offers the opportunity:

    1. For Investors to follow suitable strategies and receive a portion of the profits.

    2. For Strategy Managers to earn extra by generating profits for their Investors and receiving a profit share (%).

  • How can I start investing in a Strategy Manager?

    First, verify your profile, then make the minimum deposit amount. Then choose a suitable Strategy Manager.

  • How many Strategy Managers can I follow?

    As many as you wish.

Partnership Programs

  • What Partnership Programmes are offered?

    1. Affiliate Programme: As an Affiliate, you promote FXTODAY on your website, blog or social media accounts, using the tools we provide to introduce clients to FXTODAY. You will receive a commission based on the number of clients you acquire and their trading activity.

    2. Introducing Brokers Programme: As an Introducing Broker (IB), you have the opportunity to expand your business by meeting new clients and referring them to FXTODAY. A variety of rebate schemes are offered which are designed to keep you earning throughout your clients’ time with us.

  • How can i join your Partnership Programmes?

    You can find your reffereal link in FXTODAY dashboard / REFER & EARN.

  • What is a referral link?

    This is the unique link all Affiliates and Introducing Brokers have. When a client registers using your link, the client will be assigned to you.

  • Can I track my referrals?

    You can get a full report on your FXTODAY dashboard / REFER & EARN.

  • When can I withdraw my commissions?

    Any time, providing the balance of your wallet is above 1 USD.

  • How can I withdraw the commissions / rebates I earn?

    1. Go to ‘Dashboard / withdraw’ Choose a withdrawal method and fill in the required information.

    2. Submit your request by clicking ‘Request Payment’.

    3. Please note that in order to withdraw, you need to ensure your Affiliate/IB profile is verified.

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